The launch of Vintage PR – an exciting day, to say the least!

Today marks the official launch of Vintage PR,, a boutique agency, based in Munich, and founded by Stefanie Dittmer and myself due to two passions we have in common, one personal and one professional. For many years we have been working individually as communications consultants for a wide variety of industries and it was through our work that we met four years ago. With a very similar work ethic and positive look on life, our business relationship eventually became a friendship.

Having a sundowner in October of last year with a wonderful bottle of Sancerre, one thing led to another and we decided to couple our expertise in marketing with a fascination for wine. After five months of going through the exciting process of market research, creating a name and CI, designing a logo and website, developing our positioning, settings goals and tactical iniatives to reach them – today, on March 7th, we’re celebrating the first milestone in our endeavor and launching not only the company but also our website and this blog.

Vintage PR is uniquely positioned to support not only companies entering the European marketplace, but also European businesses who are planning to export into foreign markets. As a team, Stefanie and myself bring a number of attributes to the table that make this possible. One of us was born and raised in the middle of wine terraces here in Germany before spending years abroad, the other grew up in the US and returned to Germany 20 years ago. Not only are we bi-lingual, but more importantly, we have a bi-cultural background that builds the basis for optimal communication with both editors and the clients we represent. A combined 30+ years in PR and Events Management, a deep understanding of the media market, a love of life and a passion for wine represents the cornerstone of our success.

In this blog we endeavor, Stefanie in German, myself in English, to provide interesting and unusual insights into the wine industry. With regards to wine, we want to share what we learn, what we taste and analyze what others are saying about important developments that affect growers, distributors, exporter/importers and wine-lovers. More importantly, we want to provide information of substance that will help our readers build brand recognition for their products and services – that is what we understand best and what we do, day in and day out. If we reach the goal we’ve set for ourselves, the Vintage PR Blog will quickly become the „go-to“ place for useful and practical ideas and strategies for marketing a wine business.

Finally, we want this blog to be a platform for discussion and exchange, and welcome all commentary that is friendly, relevant and supportive of other readers. Here’s to the Vintage PR Blog becoming the hub of a new network for wine enthusiasts – we welcome you!

Sandra Iris Eilenstein, Vintage PR

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